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So where is Sargé lès le Mans?

Sargé lès le Mans is located in the Sarthe region of France, just north east of the city of Le Mans. This is a travelling distance of approximately 550 miles. See the map.


How do you pronounce Sargé lès le Mans?

Something like "Sarjay lay le Mon". Just like Holton le Clay is often abbreviated to Holton, so too Sargé lès le Mans is often abbreviated to Sargé.


Is there a membership fee?

The current annual membership fee is £50.00 per family. This is used to fund those events which involve the whole association during the Twinning visits


When do the visits take place?

Normally it is at Easter or in the weeks around Easter each year. The weekend is selected by the committees so as to give a best fit for each villages school holidays. The hosts alternate so that in odd numbered years, the english visit the french and in the even numbered years the french visit the english.


Where do the visitors stay during the visit?

Each family has a corresponding family in the other village and you stay with them. So when your family stays with you it is up to you to accommodate, feed and entertain them, apart from during the visits and events organised by the twinning. When you go to France, the same thing happens and your french family looks after you.


How do we travel to Sargé lès le Mans?

The Committee organise a coach for the trip, normally travelling via a ferry from Portsmouth. The cost of the coach and ferry, etc is additional to the membership fee. You can choose to travel independently at your own expense, but a small fee may be levied to cover the cost of our gift to the french, etc.


How long are the visits?

When we go to France we usually travel late Thursday night by coach to catch the Friday morning ferry from Portsmouth to Caen.  We return by the same route Monday night, on the overnight ferry. Cabins are available, and after a good sleep, we aim to be home by mid afternoon on the Tuesday, ready for work on Wednesday….


What the happens during a visit?

A visit lasts an action packed 3 nights/4 days.  Some of the time will be spent as a group at organised events – Receptions, days out, Gala dinner etc., but most of the time will be spent experiencing the “real” France in the company of our host families. We have a fabulous time. When they visit us it is similarly busy.


I don't live in Holton le Clay, can I still join the twinning?

Yes, we have members who live in the surrounding villages and in Grimsby and Cleethorpes.


Do I get to choose the french family?

There always seems to be a waiting list for french families who are looking for an english family. As far as possible, the two committees try to match the families by number and age of the children and/or parents. Some english families have been linked to the same french family since the very beginning, others have had to change for one reason or another.


Does the Twinning have any political or religious affiliations?

No. Both the local church and the local council supported the formation of the twinning association originally, but there is no link now to these or to any other political party or other group, other than the County's association of twinning organisations.


Do I have to be able to speak French?

Its not essential, but helpful to have a few words of french. A willingness to have a go is useful, and generally, perhaps with the help of a dictionary, we get by.